● Device Name:High-Rate Battery Module – Core Pack / Hard Pack Testing Equipment
● Device Model:TPT-PT20S40300A
● Device Specification :80V+40A-300A
● Hardware Function:

  Provide customerized specification service.

       TPT-PT20S40300A   Through a programmable test function, High power battery pack - testing system consists of complete hardware system and optional communication module.
  ThinkPTMvX   software   The test system differs from the traditional test functions, can meet the testing requirements of most high-power battery modules. Users don’t need to write their own test software. Through the ThinkPTMvX software, users select the existing test function modules, can write their own testing process and self-definition test specification.   
provides customization” Test Item “service in the special test function, to meet any testing, production needs and help user’s production testing   are simple, fast and accurate.



Hardware Function:

– High-Rate battery module charge testing
– High-Rate battery module discharge testing
– High-Rate battery module Charge overcurrent protection time measuring
– High-Rate  battery module Discharge overcurrent protection time measurement
– High-Rate battery module  Short circuit protection time measurement
– High-Rate battery module ACIR measurement
– Bar Code Reader
– x16Ch Multifunction Sign measurement
– x20Ch Programmable I/O


 Communication Hardware Option 

– RS485
– CAN Bus
– I2C、SMBus



– FW Version comparison
– Input Manufacture Date
– Input ID NO.
– Charge Testing
– Discharge Testing
– Charge overcurrent protection time measuring
– Discharge overcurrent protection time measuring
– Short circuit protection time measur ing
– ACIR measurement
– Bar Code Reader
– Open Circuit Voltage measurement
– Communication Parameters comparison
– Communication Flag comparison
– Input Communication Data
– Voltage Correction comparison
– Current Correction comparison
– Temperature Correction comparison
– Battery cells pressure difference detection




  Device nameCells、Battery Packs  Semi-Test/Final-Test Testing Equipment

  Device Model:TPT-PT4SG 

  Device Specification:20V+5A-20A 

       TPT-PT4SG Series :  Single machine portable design,3 – in -one function. Itself executable:Semi-finished / finished product testing, protection of electrical testing, the capacity of the life cycle test.
  Single- machine Portable Design,The users can be multiple devices embedded in the rack, integrated into multi-channel test equipment in anywhere. Or a single device placed anywhere to lay out of the production line conveniently. A carry-on equipment for test requirements in travel. RS485 + USB  for any system are suitable。


  Hardware function:
IDRx:3 set resistance measurement3 set resistance range switch
VINx2 set voltage measurement ,0~20V
ACIRChoose external ACIR, Tdm provide multi-channel use
Charge / Discharge InspectionMeasurement and comparison of charge / discharge current & voltage
Over- current protection checkMeasurement and comparison of over-current protection time
Short - circuit protection checkMeasurement and comparison of Short-circuit current protection time
DIOInput/Output x 3
Communication testSMBus、I2C、HDQ
Gauge Test SBS、Data Flash reading/writing,compared


  Hardware features:

Single- machine Design:easy to expand& portable
Single-machine Dimension:96W x 153H x 333D (mm)
Convenience Communication:RS485、USB
High Precision:±0.05%,one year free adjust guarantee
Long Life:> 1012,without mechanical component
Applicable Products:1~4 Cell Battery Pack、NB Pack 

  Electrical characteristics test

Charge and discharge inspection, over-current protection (COCP / DOCP) time testing & inspection, short-circuit current protection (SCP) time test & inspection, ACIR check, IDR check, complete test content, 100% guarantee battery pack quality.

nHardware output:20V+5A-20A
nCOCP/DOCP/SCP:10us ~ 5000us;1ms ~ 6553ms