Cell(Pack) Test- mA low current serie

Model Spec Equipment Type
TPT-B1HCL001A 5V±1mA  1 device 10 modules
TPT-B1HCL010A 5V±10mA  1 device 10 modules
TPT-B1HCL050A 5V±50mA  1 device 10 modules
TPT-B1HCL100A 5V±100mA 1 device 10 modules
TPT-B1HCL500A 5V±500mA 1 device 10 modules

5V Portable type – HCL low current series

It is a low-current-high-precision-portable charging and discharging device specially developed for battery cell testing of wearable devices. Small size (89W x 43H x 212D), with USB plug-and-play communication, it is suitable to be placed on the engineer's desk or laboratory table, and it is convenient to test wearable device batteries anytime, anywhere.

± 0.02% measurement and output accuracy
It fully meets the precision requirements of wearable low current. 1mA, 10mA, 50mA, 100mA, 500mA various specifications to meet the test requirements of various batteries.

Universal cell jig

Meet the test wiring requirements of various styles of cells. Provide three terminal, Coin cell holder, Line Pad wiring or wire bonding methods, no matter any style of cell, you can choose a suitable method to connect to the test equipment for testing.

Single channel or multi-channel

You can use a single channel on a desk or a laboratory table, or you can use the same channel and use it as a cabinet-type 1~128 Channels multi-channel set. Meet your various needs in testing, quality control, development and production.

Low current portable module + battery jig

Low current one device 10 modules + battery jig

Low current cabinet-type 100 channels


Low current one device 10 modules